Introducing Paradise Encounter

by Pepper on June 22, 2013

Hi friends! We’re thrilled to announce that our own Pepper Anthony has a new story just out. It already climbed to the number 1 spot in interracial romance on Amazon earlier this week and is still holding strong in the top 10.  Congratulations to Pepper!

Paradise Encounter is a steamy little story you can probably read on your lunch break, but it has all the elements of a bigger romance, including a smoking hot attraction between Andy and Maya. If the following sample whets your appetite for more, here’s the buy link on Amazon. 

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PE Cover-GreenWhat it’s about:   Andy and Maya have done business by phone for a year but have never met in person. All that is about to change. When the hunky horticulturist and the gorgeous office manager finally meet at the Paradise Nursery, the attraction between them is instant and sizzling hot. Can they manage to keep their relationship businesslike? Or will the temptation to take things further overcome their better judgment? And what will happen next, after their Paradise Encounter?

Warning: Explicit description of sexual acts. For adults only.

A little sample: Once Andy had closed her door and disappeared around the back of the truck, Maya slumped down in the seat, hitting her forehead sharply with the heel of her hand. What had she just done? This was Handy Andy, her phone buddy, the guy who never failed to be helpful and kind to her when she called with a problem or question. And she’d just made a grab for his cock, for god’s sake. That wasn’t like her at all. What the hell?

But could you blame a girl? The man was incredibly hot!

In her wildest dreams she had never pictured him looking the way he did,  something along the lines of Ryan Reynolds’ darker-haired brother. How was that fair, taking her unaware like that? And especially since it had been a long, dry three months since she’d been with a man. Watching the flex of Andy’s tanned muscles as he moved the mulch, smelling the scent of clean sweat and warm male body had definitely reawakened her sexual side. That he had responded initially only made things harder – she smiled at her own pun – and the kiss they’d shared had been amazing. The man certainly knew what to do with his mouth. She couldn’t help wondering just how far south his expertise extended.

But of course what Andy had said made sense. Maintaining a good business relationship was critical to them both. Even casual hookups could get messy. And she’d hate having to explain to Junior why they suddenly had to find a new landscape nursery.  

She had to fix this.

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What’s stopping you? For just 99 cents you can read the rest of Andy and Maya’s story. Just use the buy link above to get your copy from Amazon.

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~ The Romance Mavens

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